Vitamins, minerals, mineral traces and more

Symptoms/problems caused by their possible lack.

Vitatester is a system which, today, contains more than 2.240 symptom (physical, behaviour, mood, etc) that can be possibly caused by the lack of vitamins, minerals. By following carefully the 4 step procedure you can find not only what your organism possibly lacks, but also in which food you can find it and in what quantities it exists. Read the instructions about how Vitatester- which is not a remedy (cure) - can help you.

Find the nutrient that you possible lack, as well as where you can find it, in 4 simple steps!

By studying 11 units with more than 150 categories of symptoms, you can choose the ones you are interested in. Additional use of the search function.
The symptoms of the categories you chose. You choose the ones you observe in your organism. You go back and forth with the step 1, without losing data. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can use the search function.
Results: possible lack of nutrients in your organism. By filling in your characteristics, you will have the daily recommended intake for the nutrients.
Nutrient content in the food of the selected group- The first in content food in each group of food (19)- Percentage that each one covers in the daily recommended intake of the nutrient.

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See all the nutrients in the food and their percentage in RDA for each of them in relation to you.
The information included in Vitatester is solely of informative nature and cannot substitute the opinion or the visit to a doctor or another health expert.
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