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Prior to obtaining access to and conducting your research in www.vitatester.com (hereafter “Vitatester”) you must read carefully and, if you agree, accept the following terms of use of Vitatester and the related information in their entirety.

Vitatester constitutes an indicative collection of data, which are posted exclusively for information purposes.  Vitatester contains indicative information on more than 2,240 bodily, attitude, mood, etc. symptoms, which may emanate from lack of vitamins, metals, metal traces. Following the 4-step process carefully you may retrieve indicative information as to the substance that you may lack as well as the foods and the quantities in which such substance could exist. Τhe information on foodstuff which you may find in Vitatester originates, primarily, from the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (USDA), a U.S. agency. The suggested daily intakes are also based on the information posted on the relevant list of the Governments of Australia and New Zeland. Where there is reference to additives or foods made by local producers (per country) accompanied by analyses, such information originates from their own or outsourced testings conducted by special laboratories. Vitatester and its contributors shall not be liable nor shall they have an obligation in connection with the completeness of the contents, the updating and accurate transfer of information posted on Vitatester.

Vitatester does not constitute and shall not be treated by visitors/users as recommendation or advice of whatever nature (e.g., medical or other) for purposes of dealing with and/or curing illnesses or health matters in general. Vitatester contains only indications of potential lack of nutrients from the human body and information on the foods that contain such nutrients.  Considering that certain foods, regardless of their content, are not appropriate for everyone and the intake of vitamins/minerals/mineral traces under certain circumstances may cause problems, it is strongly recommended that visitors/users of Vitatester always consult a specialized professional (doctor or other health specialist) with regard to health matters for which they seek information from Vitatester and certainly before they decide to start taking vitamins/minerals/mineral traces. Under no circumstances does the information posted on Vitatester pertain to substitute the opinion of a doctor or health specialist. 

For the proper use of Vitatester we suggest that you read carefully the relevant instructions.


The information in Vitatester is posted “as is” without any express or implied warranty, including, without limitation, the warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. However, Vitatester endeavours, without making any representations or providing any guarantees, to ensure that the information posted is accurate, clear, up to date, complete, and available. Vitatester, its contributors and contractors, and the individuals or legal persons expressing their views in Vitatester shall not be liable for any damages incurred by a visitor/user as a result of the use of Vitatester.

Vitatester does not guarantee the uninterrupted and without discrepancies posting of information, and the absence of “viruses”, which may be attributable to either Vitatester or another site server through which you receive Vitatester’s content.


Vitatester’s content, including logos, texts, graphics and any database or record (in the form they appear) is proprietary and constitutes the intellectual property of Vitatester and its contributors and it is subject to the Greek and international intellectual property legislation. 

The reproduction, publication, copying, storing, saving, transmission, distribution, issuance, translation or change in any manner, either in whole or in part, of the contents of Vitatester without the prior express written consent of Vitatester is prohibited by law.

By way of exception, the copying and saving in a personal computer of specific portions of Vitatester’s website strictly for personal use are allowed without the intention to make commercial or other use and always provided that the source of the information is identified.  The person involved shall be responsible for compliance with these terms of use. Such copying and saving does not constitute a license to use Vitatester’s intellectual property.


As a matter of principle, Vitatester does not collect Personal Data of visitors/users in the course of surfing and searching within Vitatester except for personal data (e.g., email addresses) which are offered voluntarily by visitors/users who wish to correspond with Vitatester. In such cases the relevant Database is maintained and the use of personal data is conducted in accordance with the prior consent of the subject of the personal data concerned and only for purposes of sending/receiving materials or electronic correspondence and communication in general. Such data are kept confidential and are never disclosed to third parties (unless the subject of the personal data has provided its express consent, or the Law or the authorities require such disclosure).

The use and protection of personal data of visitors/users of Vitatester is subject to the present terms and the applicable Greek law (Law 2472 / 1997, Law 2779/99, Presidential Decree 207 / 1998. Presidential Decree 79 / 2000 και article 8 of Law 2819 / 2000), the decisions of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data as well as the European Union law (Directives 95/46/ΕC και 97/66/ΕC).

Moreover, in the event of “bundles” toward other websites, Vitatester shall not be liable for the terms of use and the protection of personal data of those websites. In any event, the visitor/user of Vitatester shall have the right of access and objection (including the right to correct discrepancies) in relation to his/her personal data used by Vitatester. Any such requests shall be sent in writing to Ms. Vasiliki Tabakaki, Post Restand, Lavrio Post Office, 195 00 Lavrio, tel. 22920 60174.

We may use cookies for statistical knowledge of areas which might be considered useful or popular for marketing purposes only.


The IP address is determined by the connection provider through which the computer of the visitor obtains access to the Internet. The IP address is recorded by the Vitatester for technical reasons, security purposes, and the collection of statistical information.


Vitatester contains links to other independent websites which Vitatester does not control. Vitatester shall not be liable for the mode of operation of such websites nor their compliance with Personal Data Protection regulations. Any problems that might arise during the visit/use of websites to which we are linked are the responsibility of those websites to which you should address your problems. Reference to other websites is made for purposes of facilitating our users and by no means does it create any commitments for anyone.


We do not receive personal data of minors under the age of 18 without consent of their parents.


You expressly agree that in the event Vitatester is sued or otherwise implicated in civil or administrative proceedings, for whatever cause of action arising from or related to your negligence or willful default, you shall intervene in such proceedings and indemnify Vitatester for any damages Vitatester and/or its contributors may be ordered to pay as well as their costs and expenses.


These terms are governed by the laws of Greece, the Regulations and Directives of the European Union and the applicable international law and shall be construed in good faith.

In the event any of these terms is adjudicated void or voidable, the other terms shall remain in full force.

Any amendments to these terms must be in writing and incorporated hereto.

Any disputes hereunder shall be resolved by the courts of Athens.

The information included in Vitatester is solely of informative nature and cannot substitute the opinion or the visit to a doctor or another health expert.
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